St. Marys, Georgia



There is just something about St. Marys…

The Timucuan, Guale, and Creek Indians saw it hundreds of years ago in the bounty of her fish and game and fertile lands. In the 1500s, French explorers saw St. Marys as a country full of havens, rivers, and islands with such bounty that words cannot express. St. Marys location on the border between freedom-loving colonists and sometimes Spanish, sometimes British, Florida in the 1700s placed it in the position of protector for all Georgia and the colonies against Britain.

Visitors are still captivated by her storybook setting on the St. Marys River. Her inviting front porches and white picket fences. Her wisteria and magnolias. Her captivating streetscapes are framed by majestic oak canopies draped in Spanish moss. Aromatic salt air and enticing waters. Charming Victorian inns and charming shops. St. Marys has an undeniable allure of history, romance, and gentler people, with an unmistakable softening of life’s edges. However, there is an ever-present invitation to adventure. There’s something special about St. Marys. Some say she is the jewel in the crown of the Colonial Coast. Some talk about the mystery of pirate lore and the natural treasures that abound in and around her riverfront setting. Whether it’s beauty, tranquillity, romance, excitement, or mystery that draws one to St. Marys, it’s a siren song few can resist once they’ve met the lady.

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