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Good Bread House

Good Bread House





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209 Osborne Street
St. Marys, Georgia 31558

Pet Friendly

The Re-Discovery Retreat

Get re-inspired and gain a whole new understanding of yourself, your mate, and others who are closely connected to your daily life. From this focused two-day gathering, participants will emerge with unique insights into how this increased understanding and awareness of your innate personalities can enhance success in intimate, family, social and business relationships.

Discover your gifts. Discover your mate’s gifts and the secrets of communication that sustain the most enriching
relationships. The Re-Discovery Retreat is based on the renowned Myers-Briggs Personality Typing concept of recognizing, understanding and connecting with the differences that make us all unique individuals.

The Discovery Retreat takes place in the 1870s Victorian Goodbread House Bed and Breakfast Inn in Historic
St. Marys, Georgia. Participants have the double benefit of a stimulating, life-changing experience wrapped in an
atmosphere of yesteryear. Breakfasts at the Goodbread House are as famous as the hospitality with which they are served. Dine on the gingerbreaded-trimmed veranda overlooking St. Mary’s historic Osborne Street. Mingle with like minds in the beautiful parlour that overflows many evenings with desserts, wine, coffees, and tea – and lively conversations with friends, old and new. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the parlour’s grand piano.

You may also want to take advantage of other area activities such as Cumberland Island excursions, kayak
outings, gourmet dining, wine tastings, local shopping and exploring, and other custom-designed events that range from Enlightenment Sessions to Ghost Tours to pampering Spa Treatments.

The Discovery Retreat is an experience of the
highest order and one from which you’re sure to reap lifelong benefits.

The 2-Day Re-Discovery Retreat
$225 per individual
$375 per couple

The Total Re-Discovery Retreat Package
(includes overnight accommodations for two nights at
the Goodbread House, full breakfasts each day,
and social hour daily
$300 per individual
$475 per couple
Additional night’s stay: $144/night/suite
(based on 2-person occupancy)

Suites at the Goodbread House
Rhett & Scarlett
Guinevere & Lancelot
Gabriel & Evangeline
Lucy & Ricky
Gable & Lombard

The Goodbread House
209 Osborne Street
St. Marys, Georgia 31558