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Reconnective Healing®

As a Certified Myers-Briggs Consultant, Goodbread Hostess, Mardja sought the next level in expanded consciousness for her clients by becoming a Reconnective Healing® Practitioner. Through her own personal experiences during the Reconnection Healing Seminar, she confirmed that Reconnective Healing® would be a powerful tool for her clients, empowering them to elevate their own well-being. During Reconnective Healing Sessions, Mardja’s clients experience emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts that enable them to continue their own healing after a one-hour one-on-one session. They find it much easier to “center” themselves and return to the balance that is our natural state.

Reconnective Healing® success stories can be incredibly powerful, especially for those who have suffered so much for so long and who had given up on traditional treatments. One recent accident victim came to Mardja with profound gratitude saying, “Thank you for so much for what you did for me. This is truly life-changing.” And though Mardja is just one part of the equation, she says it is an extraordinary experience to witness her clients’ empowerment as they take control of their own healing.

For Reconnective Healing® appointments, call Mardja at 912-882-7490 or email:

Reconnective Healing® - $65/Session