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Good Bread House

Good Bread House

209 Osborne Street
St. Marys, Georgia 31558

Pet Friendly

Guest Reviews

  • "The best B&B we've been to. Great 'at home' atmosphere. Great food, accommodations, and owners."
    -The Doughertys, Delray Beach,FL

  • "Slept so peacefully. A wonderful place to escape. Great breakfast and sweet owners."
    -The Huckebas

  • "We loved staying here. The kindness, attention and graciousness were wonderful as were our sumptious breakfasts."
    -The Powells

  • "The hospitality was warm, welcoming and fun, and the food was amazing."
    -Pat & Suzy

  • "OUr first time at a B&B, and it was wonderful. It made for a great first anniversary for us."
    -The Vickers

  • "We feel so fortunate to have found your treasure of a B&B.We never stayed anywhere that equals your hospitality and generosity."
    -The Kirchers, Carmel, Maine

  • "The most hospitable people I've ever met."
    -The Crew of the Harvey Gamage

  • "We truly enjoyed the tranquility and gentle spirit of the Goodbread House.
    -The Muellers. St. Simons Island, GA

  • "Thank you very much for the perfect days of Southern hospitality."
    -H. Goldberg, Concord, MA

  • "Wonderful,cozy place! Lovely parlor and front porch to enjoy. Great breakfasts!"
    -The Rush Family, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • "It's nice to find a place to stay where you feel so at home. The room was perfect and food divine. We'll be back!"
    -The McNultys, St. Augustine, FL

  • "We are very impressed with the interiors of your house. It is beautifully preserved and so comfortable. The breakfasts are delicious and there was so much!
    -The Pelitts, Telford, England

  • "How good it feels to take leave from Atlanta sprawl to discover this place of enchanting beauty.We are already planning our return."
    -The Harpes, Roswell, GA

  • "Peaceful and rejuvenating! You have a lovely home. Thank you for sharing it with us and for the delicious food."
    -The McCords

  • "What a great getaway. And so romantic!. Everything was SO wonderful."
    -Mary & Ed, Jacksonville, FL

  • "We found a warm oasis here. And we felt truly pampered."
    -Laurie & Jeff, River Falls, WI

  • "I have not slept so good in a long time. The breakfast was great!"
    -Lori, Newnan, GA

  • "It was perfect! Our family reunion was enhanced by the comfort and peaceful setting of your home. It was all we hoped it would be."
    -The Finches, Woodstock, GA

  • "What a wonderful place to celebrate our second anniversary. Everything was wonderful, scrumptious, and beautiful."
    -The Stators, Jacksonville, GA

  • "So relaxing. Fabulous breakfasts, the tub, the desserts, the quiet and peace. We napped and read and napped and read."
    -Clint and Lora

  • "Your B&B was the icing on our cake for a wonderful weekend."
    -Mike and Cindy

  • "A perfect retreat from the rush of life, and to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary.Goodbread's charm emerges from every corner and allows the spirit to relax in comfort."
    -The Emerys, The Adirondacks

  • "Quaint, quiet--the quintessential B&B."
    -The Washburns, Valdosta, GA

  • "The best sleep we've had in weeks. Thanks for making our honeymoon special."
    -The Zachmanns, Athens, GA

  • "Our stay here has been wonderful. It brought back memories from my grandmother's house--from the furnishings to the porches, and especially the food."
    -Tom & Joanne

  • "Our first time at a bed and breakfast. Can't wait to do it again. It was so peaceful.Heavenly!"
    -Wade & Cindy

  • "It's a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation."
    -Cathy & Joe, Middletown, CT