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209 Osborne Street
St. Marys, Georgia 31558

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Spa Treatments
Relax. Rejuvenate. Refresh!

Treat yourself to pampering spa treatments in the beautiful suites of the Goodbread House.
Treatments are by appointment only.

Spa Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion!
Call 912-882-7490 to schedule.

Massages & Body Treatments

Blending science with nature to create visual and emotional changes for all over wellbeing.

Massages: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular, Swedish, and much more.
$75 per one-hour session.

Ion Cleanse

The latest in detoxification technology with the Ion Cleanse! In today’s toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies, mental, and physical incapacitation. We have begun to hear more about herbal and homeopathic detoxification programs by alternative health practitioners as a way of reducing symptomology and maintaining health. The particles, fat, and mucous residues found in the water after bating reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20 to 30 minute session.
Your body will feel lighter after the first session. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.

Single Ion Cleanse Treatment ………………………………………..$45



“My once swollen ankles are now normal size after six treatments. They tend to retain fluid when I am under stress but one or two treatments brings them back to normal size.” - Ellen Zimmer

“I had an ion cleanse after my last wrap because I wanted to double the detoxing. I felt so much better after the treatment. When I drove away, I lit a cigarette – I couldn’t smoke it! After years of smoking, I find that I no longer want nicotine!” - B. Manning

“From my very first ion treatment, I saw results. One thing I noticed right away was how clear my eyesight was! I feel so much clearer and cleaner after my ion sessions – I wish I lived closer so I could do it more often.” - Donna Miller

Scheduling: A credit card number must be given to reserve an appointment requiring an hour or more service.

Cancellations: We require at a 24-hour notice for all services. Reservations canceled without proper notice will be billed for 50% of each service scheduled.